Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Eltalite Ore

Monster Hunter Rise has many different materials and resources to collect. Players need these resources to craft weapons, armor, and other items used to help hunt these giant monsters. If players want to survive in the area around Elgado, they need to have enough offense and defense. Thankfully, players can craft new master gear that gives them a chance to go head-to-head with the most powerful beasts, but they’ll need to gather some rare materials to craft the best stuff. This guide will show players how to obtain the elusive ore to help craft better gear. In addition, players also need to prepare enough MH Rise Zenny in the game.

How to Grow Eltalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Eltalite Ore is a new rarity 8 material used to craft powerful armor and weapons. As a Grandmaster-level material, it can only be found and gathered during Grandmaster-level hunting. The best place to get it is in a lava cave, as it is home to several white and blue mining outcrops, both of which can provide Eltalite Ore.

Many of the nodes in this location spawn in hard-to-reach places, so players will need to use Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to reach all of them. Mining nodes respawn relatively quickly, so choosing a farming path that loops back to the starting point can be very beneficial. It is also recommended that players equip armor with the Geologist skill when farming Meldpsar Ore, as this will allow players to collect a node multiple times.

How to get Eltalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Eltalite Ore is a rarity 8 material, which means it can only be used in Master Hunts and Expeditions. To complicate things further, ore can only be found in fiery lava caves, which means players have to travel to hot zones and try to collect materials from mining outcrops scattered throughout the area. Eltalite Ore can only be found during Master-level quests or expeditions. You can get it from the following locales:

flooded forest

lava cave


When you reach any of the above locations, open your detailed map and press X to select the icon for the mining outcrop.

You can choose from two types of mining outcrops on the map – white and blue. There is a better chance of finding Eltalite Ore from white mining outcrops than from blue mining outcrops. White mining outcrops provide rare ores, while blue mining outcrops provide standard ores.

To help further, players can equip the armor with the Geologist skill, which will give hunters the opportunity to collect from mining outcrops and bone piles more than once, effectively doubling the amount of loot they can collect from a given area. Using these strategies, players shouldn’t take too long to gather the necessary Eltalite Ore they need to help craft stronger master armor.

Players in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak simply wade into the right environment, mine the right outcrop, and get all the ore they can carry. For more information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, subscribe to

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