How to Dodge a Match in Valorant

Valorant is one of the most popular competitive FPS eSports, and with its ongoing development support and regular content, the Valorant community has grown to consist of a large player base. valorant has a system to punish users who consistently leave and dodge matches in competitive mode. A frequently asked question is how to dodge matches, and this guide will show players exactly how to dodge matches in Valorant, so they can have plenty of Cheap Valorant Points in the game.

Valorant has 16 agents and 6 maps for all players to choose from. While it does not offer the option to choose a player’s favorite map, the game claims to follow an algorithm that keeps the same map from being repeated multiple times for the player. Some players find it necessary to dodge matches in Valorant for various reasons. Players may get locked out of their primary agent by other players in the queue, face maps instead of their chosen map, or even get out of the queue due to internet issues as well. If a player wants to dodge a specific game, here are some ways to do it.

Different ways to dodge a game in Valorant

Disconnect from the Internet

One of the most common ways to dodge a game is to disconnect from the Internet. The player simply disconnects the LAN cable from the PC or turns off WiFi. The application will not be able to send or receive connections from the server, so the player will appear to be offline and disconnected from the match. You may receive a warning when you log back into your account.

No proxy selection

After entering a match, all players will appear on the agent selection screen. So the easiest way to avoid the match is to do nothing safely. You can choose not to select any agent or hover your mouse over the agent. This will cause the match to be terminated and you will return to the lobby. In that case, not selecting an agent will send the player back to the mode selection screen. However, you will receive a warning about dodging the queue.

Closing the application

Another common method of dodging a match is to force the application to close. The player can close the application by simply pressing Alt + F4 or selecting End Task from the Task Manager menu. However, if you use alt + f4, you will receive a warning that you are about to dodge the queue and that you may be penalized.

Consequences and penalties for ducking in Valorant

While it is true that in some cases it is necessary to dodge matches, players are free to use it to constantly dodge matches. However, it can also cause problems for players, resulting in longer wait times and not being allowed to play when matches are found. In addition, dodging matches will lower the player’s ranking level, and multiple dodging will lead to account disabling. Excessive use will also face a huge fine, only one or two dodges per day at least, if more than that will bring a time penalty to the player, in addition to not allowing the player to enter any Valorant matches.

So players should keep in mind that it’s okay to dodge once in a while to avoid the map or get their primary agent, but it’s best not to dodge too often. If you would like to learn more about Valorant, you can subscribe to to check out the rest of the guide.

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