How to Make Fake Passes in NBA 2K23

Players being able to make fake passes in NBA 2K23 has a crucial role to play in situations where your opponent may expect a pass to be distributed on the court. This is because the fake pass is a more subtle micro-movement that allows your opponent to be able to predict what you will do with the ball before you make the shot, and can also confuse your opponent. So this guide will guide you here on how to make a fake pass in NBA 2K23, and players can be well prepared with plenty of NBA 2K23 coins to equip their characters in NBA 2K23.

What is the Fake Pass in NBA 2K23

Fake pass is an advanced technique that players can learn in NBA 2K23 to shake off opponents and control the flow of the court to score. In NBA 2K23’s new cooperative multiplayer mode, the fake pass simulates a normal pass, but the ball remains with the player. If a player executing a fake pass proves to pass often, they may trick opponents into moving in the direction of their usual pass to make room for a quick shot or breakaway score.

How to Make a Fake Pass in NBA 2K23

Making fake passes in NBA 2K23 is not difficult. All you need to do is to shorten the time. This can be done by pressing Triangle + Circle on PS or Y + B on Xbox. This method is similar to a game mode like City which is very effective in that it ensures that it tricks your opponent into thinking you are making a pass so that it may tilt your opponent in another way, thus creating opportunities for you to score or break away and score, allowing you to have a good chance of making a shot when you have space.

It is important to note, however, that players should not over-abuse this method and you also run the risk of over-disguising and causing turnovers or wasting time, which can hinder your team’s performance and lose the points your team has managed to gain. In other words, there are two sides to the coin, and over-reliance on this one technique will only cause mistakes on the field, too much too soon. In theory, completing a successful fake pass should create a signature winning moment in the game on the field, but choosing to fake a pass can also pose a risk in certain positions. Players who maintain constant movement in their team’s offense are better suited to fake passes because the sudden stopping of movement has the potential to throw off players who are used to expecting more speed, while players who use a methodical offense may be rewarded less for using a fake pass and won’t surprise the player much.

When Should I Use a Fake Pass?

So when is the best time to fake a pass? This is when the fake pass comes in handy. Often, players will move before they want to try. There are many directions on the passing table, and when a player decides to fake one, they are likely to paint themselves into a corner. Suddenly, the player’s feet will stand still and they may be left with only three choices: pass, shoot, or keep faking.

Of course, continuing to fake increases the chances of a turnover, whether it’s a sack, a trap or a carry, and suddenly the fake pass puts you in a bad position. Instead of continuing to do this over and over again, it is recommended that you alternate things like passing, shooting or making another fake pass.

The above is a specific guide on making fake passes in NBA 2K23. If you find this guide helpful on the court, you can subscribe to for more useful guides.

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