Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: Where To Find Centuria Ore And What Centuria Ore Is Used For

Centuria Ore is a new material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak that is used to craft specific armor and equipment. But like many other new ores, it’s a bit difficult to figure out which region it comes from, and it can only be obtained from mining crops during Master Level quests. So this guide will help players understand where they can find Centuria Ore and what it is used for, and they will need to be well prepared for finding Centuria Ore and crafting equipment Monster Hunter Rise Zenny.

What is Centuria Ore?

Centuria Ore is a new master level ore that players can find in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.Centuria Ore, like other ores, is mainly used to craft different kinds of equipment. It will allow players to craft some useful armor associated with several new monsters. Players going through the DLC will need master level armor, and Centuria Ore is a key component of some great armor sets. This material is hard to find, and it requires players to unlock Master Rank, which can happen after the Elgado outpost is opened.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Centuria Ore Location

Centuria Ore can only be found during Master Rank missions or expeditions and is obtained by mining blue or white mining nodes in the Citadel (Master Rank), where you can pick it up from the mining outcrops on the New Citadel map. When you go to the castle, open your detailed map and press X to select the icon for the mining outcrop. The mining outcrops in the castle are quite hidden and you will have to climb to higher ground to find most of them. To make farming easier, a castle exploration tour is probably the fastest way to go.

Look for the blue and white mining nodes on the map. They can be mined to collect rare and common materials. If players want to collect more materials, they can craft and equip a geological gem decoration. If players have the level 3 Geologist skill, they can gain extra time from all mining outcrops, making it easier to find tons of Centuria ore in a timely manner. Most numbered areas on the map will have at least one mining outcrop to collect the material.

What is Centuria Ore used for

Centuria Ore is used to make a variety of powerful armor and weapons, including in the recipes for Lunagaron Mail and Garangolm Helm, although it is also used in the Snowshear and Jelly sets. Of the two headline suits, the Lunagaron suit is the better one, not only in terms of overall defensive value, but also in terms of providing higher resistance. However, both lack resistance to fire and lightning.

In addition, Centuria Ore is used to upgrade the myriad of different weapons introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, so it doesn’t hurt to have extra weapons. the Garangolm Helm, Lunagaron Mail, Jelly Coil X, Snowshear Coil, and A total of ten pieces are needed to make these five pieces of equipment, so any extra Centuria ore can be sold at any camp in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for 1420 gold coins.

This is a guide to where to find Centuria Ore and what it can be used for in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. If you find this guide helpful, be sure to subscribe to for more news.

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