Apex Legends Halloween Event: Olympus Dark Map and Leaked Skins

Apex Legends 2022’s Halloween event has finally begun, and the event will feature a ton of holiday-themed skins. In addition to the skin updates, leakers have already discovered some scary cosmetics and a map of Olympus after dark. So this guide will be updated here about the map and skin updates related to the Apex Legends Halloween event, and players can prepare plenty of Cheap Apex Legends Apex Coins in advance in Apex Legends.

When will the Apex Legends Halloween event take place?

So far, Respawn has not officially announced when the Halloween event will begin.

However, since the in-game celebration began last October 12 with the Monsters event, we can expect it to take place sometime in mid to late October.

Olympus Darkness map leaked

A new map for the Apex Legends 2022 Halloween update has been leaked. The Mount Olympus map after dark. This is a safe bet for the next round of holiday game content. This is the design of the Olympus map. The update will also have some ltm. For now, the leaker believes this will include the popular gunrunning limited time mode. This could be the game mode that will take advantage of the new after dark map. They have made some changes to the map and given it an awesome makeover to match the theme. Also, according to KralRindo, this map was modified in the Season 9 version of Olympus. So, the changes from Season 12 Olympus will not appear on the map.

Apex Legends Halloween leaked skins

In addition to the new map leaks, we also got a good look at some of the newer skins. Back in August, three legendary Halloween skins were discovered in the archives of Seer, Ash and Revenant. While more spooky skins are guaranteed to return from the past, this gives us a good hint of Respawn’s theme. These skins were discovered by a reliable leak. In the past, they managed to predict what was coming. They are one of the most reliable data loggers. We have a pretty good idea of the number of skins that will be coming into the game. We don’t know every skin. With the leaks of Apex Legends Halloween 2022, we had some good ideas. They will be demon-themed. Quite a few different legendary characters have gotten new looks. These are all of them so far :

Inner Demon Ashes: It gives them a demon face and a new outfit. This is a very unique skin style character.

Bladewalker Seer: Seer is one of the better characters in the Apex Legendary Tier list. This one makes it into a demon style version just like the others.

Unnamed revenant skin: There is no name for this one in the archives yet. However, this looks like it could very well be the new Halloween skin for Wasteland Hunters. He looks like a combination of monsters with distinct werewolf features. This one is a bit different from the other versions leaked for Apex Legends Halloween 2022. They may not all be demons.

All cosmetics may be available in stores. If you like Halloween style characters, you may want to save your points from the Battle Pass. The leaked cosmetics give us some clues about the Halloween event. We can expect to see more skins in the meantime.

This is the latest news about the Apex Legends Halloween event. If you want to know more about other news about the Apex Legends Halloween event, be sure to follow 600pu.com for the latest updates.

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