How to Find and Access the Hedge Lab in Grounded

Grounded has a lot of cool places to explore, such as Hedge Lab, which is a worthy adventure, and despite the treacherous path, it is after all a new area of Grounded and players can access it having to find the password. So this guide will help players how to find and enter Hedge Lab in Grounded. Before starting the game, players need to fully arm themselves and buy enough Grounded Game PC Cheap to prepare enough food and drinks.

Prerequisites to be aware of before going to Hedge Lab

Venturing to Hedge Lab requires players to turn on the power, which means there is a purpose for going to this place. Although finding Hedge Lab is very difficult, players need to collect various items such as food, water, weapons, armor, bandages, torches and dandelion bushes (to prevent drops) before the journey begins to prepare players for any difficulties they may encounter during the journey. After collecting the needed materials, players will unsurprisingly find the Hedge Lab in the Hedge Biome system.

Where players can find the Hedge Lab in Grounded

Hedge Lab is located near the southeast edge of the map. Hedge Lab is located above the ground and players will need to climb to reach it.

Climb the southeast tree

In order to reach the Hedge Lab, players will first need to climb the Southeast Tree, where one of the roots will have a walkable branch that extends upward, allowing players to access the branches of the tree above.

Using branches to get around

Once you are off the ground, use the network of branches to navigate and move towards the lab. Remember, you need to be careful because one small mistake could send you crashing to the ground.

Spiders may be present

Remember, there may be spiders on the branches. If you are still under-equipped, you may choose to run faster than them.

Enter the lab through the broken glass panel

Once you reach the lab between the branches, jump off the roof of the lab. Look for the corner of the lab near the mushroom cap. You will find a broken glass panel on the side of the lab you can use to get in.

Use the dandelion bush to get inside

It is recommended that you use dandelion clusters when entering the lab to slow your descent. This will ensure that you successfully pass through the broken panel and not fall to the ground.

How to find the Hedge Lab password in Grounded

Once inside the Hedge Lab, players will need to find the password segment around the room and hit the keys on the computer to allow themselves access to the rest of the lab. After pressing the key and entering the only door that opens, the player will need to destroy the cobwebs blocking the stuck door in order to enter the analyzer room where the first code segment can be found.

Another door in the analyzer room leads to an overhead zip line, which the player can ride only after destroying one of this obstructive berry, and then the grounded player will find a small room where the next code fragment can be found.

Through the tunnel leading to the supply room, the player can find the next zipline, and through the hatch of this zipline, the player will see several spiders inside a room where they fight before grabbing several items including the next code fragment.

After recovering this segment, the player can return to the computer from the first room, insert the recovered code, pull the lever to restore power to the lab, and the player can continue to explore the facility.

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