Destiny 2: How to Get Gambit Accessories for Cry Mutiny

Destiny 2’s Plunder and Plunder has a lot of pirate-themed goodies to choose from, from large-caliber shotguns to pirate-themed armor, the game has a lot of unique gear for players to chase. Decorations. So this guide will help you how to get the Cry Mutiny Gambit ornament in Destiny 2. Players can also prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver in Destiny 2 to buy the Cry Mutiny.

How to get Cry Mutiny Gambit ornaments in Destiny 2

Players will need to obtain Cry Mutiny from one of the following three vendors before they can obtain the Cry Mutiny Gambit ornament.




Like other ritual weapons, Cry Mutiny has three ornaments for you to earn, one for each ritual event. Here’s what each ornament looks like and how to unlock them.

Intended Overthrow (Crucible): The Intended Overthrow is Cry Mutiny’s Crucible Gambit, which can be earned by reaching level 16 via Shaxx after resetting your Valor level.

Intended Mischief (Gambit): The Intended Mischief ornament can be obtained after resetting your infamy and reaching level 16 in Gambit.

Intended Authority (Vanguard): As with the other two ornaments, you can obtain Intended Authority by reaching level 16 with Zavala after resetting your Vanguard rank.

Different vendors will give you different types of Cry Mutiny ornaments, but regardless, this is roughly the same process for all sellers. Gaining prestige levels at each vendor will require you to participate in their respective campaigns. zavala is responsible for Vanguard Ops and Nightfalls, Shaxx is associated with Crucible, and Drifter is responsible for Gambit. but if you want to get the opening trinket for Cry Mutiny in Destiny 2, you’ll need to be level 32 in the opening game. While this is easy to do, it can also take more time at the same time.

Generally speaking, playing the same event in succession is the fastest way to gain prestige rank. Players can determine which game type they prefer, start a playlist, and then continue playing until you reach the desired rank. Double prestige weeks occur frequently in Destiny 2, so pay close attention when Zavala, Shaxx or Drifter offer additional prestige.

How to Rank Up Fast in Gambit in Destiny 2

The fastest way to move up the rankings in Gambit is to play and win consecutive tournaments and play during double XP weeks. In order to rank fast in Gambit, all you need to do is play the game and win a series of Gambit events. The better your streak is, the more reputation you’ll gain as you move up the rankings. You also need to watch out for double XP weeks to improve the reputation you gain when playing specific game modes. When Gambit’s double XP week comes around, you commit to it and swipe as many missions as you can.

A common misconception is that specific bounties with vendors reward reputation and XP is needed to rank up. Reputation is for moving up in vendor rankings and experience points are for upgrading your season pass. So bounties don’t help you move up in rankings.

This is a specific guide on how to get the Gambit trinket for Cry Mutiny in Destiny 2. If you are looking for more useful Destiny 2 news and guides, please visit for more useful information.

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