Elden Ring: Where to Find Barrier Of Gold

When looking to cause significant magical damage, players should use Erdtree Sanctuarys, which are available in Elden Ring along with other sorts of weaponry. This Sanctuary renders nearby allies immune to magic harm in addition to shielding the player from its effects. This tutorial attempts to show players where to find Barrier Of Gold in Elden Ring. Players also need to buy enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes in the game. This Sanctuary has the same impact in PVP and PVE battles.

Where to find the Barrier Of Gold in Elden Ring (location)

The Teardrop Scarab, which is located in the royal city of Lyndel and may be found immediately after the Erdtree Sanctuary, where you battle the first Elden Lord Godgrey, must be found and destroyed in order to gain the Barrier Of Gold. Take the elevator outside the temple to the upper walkway, where you can see a trail of an unseen scarab holding a Sanctuary.

If the player approaches, two idle Perfumers will stand by the stairs and turn aggressive. Tarnished can head west to a further set of stairs once the player defeats the adversary. The monster, however, has escaped around the bend ahead when they reach a precise spot on the pavement, as evidenced by the golden trail of a running teardrop scarab.

Tarnished Sanctuarycasters must search the royal city of Leyndell for the unseen teardrop scarab in order to acquire the Barrier Of Gold in the Elden Ring. Once the player has vanquished the two demigod Shardbearers and passed the Dragontree Sentinel protecting the entrance to the capital’s fortifications, they can enter the Leyndell Legacy Dungeon. It should be noted that those who have completed the Crumbling Farum Azula won’t be able to obtain the Barrier of Gold because many locations, including the Erdtree Sanctuary’s location, will be inaccessible when Liondel transforms into Ash City, necessitating the start of NG+ in order to return the city to its previous state.

How to use Barrier Of Gold (Erdtree Sanctuary)

Barrier Of Gold can increase the magic damage nullification of the caster and nearby allies by 60%. The Sanctuary lasts for 70 seconds when activated. The damage statistics and requirements of the Sanctuary are as follows:

Cost: 30 Focus (FP) and 13 Stamina

Requirements: 24 Faith

Effect: 60% increase in magic damage nullification

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