Elden Ring: Where All The Shabriri Grapes Come From (Hyetta’s Quest)

The Finger Maiden Hyetta questline cannot be completed without the Shabriri Grapes in the Elden Ring. Hyetta is a woman who wants to be a finger girl but has terrible vision. She is unable to exit, so she requests Shibriri grape donations from players so that she can have her sight back. In order for players to prepare enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes in the game, this guide intends to inform them about all the Shabriri grape-producing regions (Hyetta’s Quest) in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring’s first Shabriri grape production

The Tarnished must procure three Shabriri grapes for Hyetta in order to advance the first chapter of her tale. At Stormveil Castle, the first Shabriri grapes were planted in the Elden Ring. The Tarnished must enter Godrick’s throne room and follow the road to the Liurnia’s beginning cliff in order to locate it. They must proceed to the wall across from the doorway after getting off near the exit to locate a spectral figure. The player will receive the first Shabriri Grape in the Elden Ring by looting the object close to the Phantom.

Elden Ring’s second Shabriri grape production

The Purified Ruins in southeast Liurnia are where the second Shabriri grape from the Elden Ring is concealed. To get to Tarnished, take the Liurnia Highway north and turn left once you’ve passed the big boulders. To find a boarded-up underground entry, they must explore the Purified Ruins in the Elden Ring.

The plank can be rolled over or struck to gain access to the stairwell on the ground level. For the second Shabriri grape in the Elden Ring and the Two Finger Heirloom in the chest, Tarnished can enter the crypt below. This time, Hyetta may be found next to the lake, straight west of the Purified Ruins.

Elden Ring’s third Shabriri grape appellation

The westernmost portion of Liurnia of the Lakes is where you can find the third and final Shabriri grape in the Elden Ring that Hyetta demands. A Site of Grace and the Revenger’s Shack are located to the north of Minor Erdtree for the Tarnished. They ought to have a break at the Site and then begin plundering the dead in the dilapidated shack. The final Chabrile grape in the Elden Ring will be dropped in a few moments when Edgar the Avenger invades the player’s realm.

Edgar the Avenger, Elden Ring Raider, is armed with the Banished Knight’s Halberd, giving each of his assaults a respectable amount of range. Players should be careful not to disregard their personal safety when engaging in close combat.

The above is a detailed guide for all of Hyetta’s Quest’s Shabriri grape-growing regions in Elden Ring. According to this post, players can locate every Shabriri grape-producing region in the game. They can also subscribe to 600pu.com to discover more about the whereabouts of other Elden Ring detailed goods.

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